A luxury master bedroom with en-suite

A no-nonsense loft conversion

Greenford UB6

Kantec's direct and flexible approach was exactly what the Harmers needed to transform their loft space.

Nicola Harmer was one client who knew exactly what she wanted, right from the start. ‘We didn’t want anything grand,’ she said. ‘Just a bedroom with an en suite.’

With two growing boys in their Greenford terrace, her and her husband, John, needed more space, but the cost of moving didn’t make financial sense. ‘It was a three-bedroom house, but one of the rooms was extremely small. The only way to build was into the loft. We’d considered it for many years, but what had put us off was the height of the loft space – it was actually too low to meet the ceiling recommendation.’

Nicola had imagined the work would be very extensive and a real upheaval in her family’s lives. None of her neighbours had attempted a conversion for the same reason, but needs must, and Nicola and John finally decided to bite the bullet.

The second children's bedroomThe first children's bedroomThe extension meant the boys could have separate bedrooms

‘I got three quotes, and one of them happened to be from Kantec,’ said Nicola. ‘They made it sound quite easy.’ Director Suk Grewal explained how they would lower all the first-floor ceilings to make the necessary ceiling height for the loft conversion. ‘I think the thing that swayed it for me was Suk. We were able to talk through the plans that we wanted. He was good at putting across what was possible. They really worked with us. Other builders had said, you’ll have to move out or you won’t be able to use the toilet or go upstairs at all. Having Suk initially talk that through with us, was what made us go with them.’

The build team were able to start almost immediately, during the Easter holidays, so Nicola could take her children to her parents’ for the start of the project, while the top of the house was essentially demolished. ‘They worked incredibly hard,’ said Nicola. ‘They were flexible, which meant that apart from those first few weeks we were able to live in the house while the work was being done. And the team on site were fantastic. They got on with it and they were very mindful of the kids.’

The stairs up to the new master bedroomThe staircase up to the loft

“If I’d known it was going to be that easy, I would’ve done it years ago.”

‘The process was very smooth and straightforward. They did exactly what they said they were going to do,’ Nicola said. And since the project’s completion, she’s been happy to show off the conversion to all her neighbours, recommending Kantec in the process. ‘People were curious and we had no problems showing them,’ she said. ‘One of our friends has just had their loft completed by Kantec and they’re equally happy with the build and the process. And there’s another neighbour across the street who is looking to start theirs next year.’

‘Having the new bedroom and en suite is great – I love it,’ she said. ‘It’s made our house a real family house. Without it, we would have outgrown the property, but it’s made it so we don’t have to move. If I’d known it was going to be that easy, I would’ve done it years ago.’

The skylights make the room brightThe en-suite to the master bedroomThe house gained a lot of space and lightThe house exterior and patioThe seamless extension from the outside

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